Significant new technologies: Mobile learning, A.I. , Blockchain. Week 5

My company is a startup that produces courses in a fairly traditional e-learning format, with the mission of bringing new technologies into the mix.

Our first line of courses are a set of courses for Civil Protection and Health and Safety Industry in México, so far I produce Use and Handling of Extinguishers and How to create a Health and Safety Commission in your work space (is a specific course for all the Mexican workforce by law) and I am nearly completion another two on CPR and Unblocking air pathways.

This are very simple specific courses for all levels to be provided by law and should be retaken every two to 5 years, and one of the key objectives (apart of producing much more catalogue on this area) is the possibility to deliver this to all smartphones (penetration digital literacy with the use of smartphones in Mexico is bigger than computers).

Another key objective is the possibility to develop a blockchain service to make this “competence” transferable from company to company as well as a good indicator of how much people in the workforce are trained within the system.

An last is the use of analytics to increment the ability to measure learning by designing key points in the content that shows the learning approach from students and to understand if the content provided in the course is delivers a meaningful learning experience.