Nothing new under the sun. Week 1

I find that the practice of writing a journal as described by Park does not differ from the old stoicism practice from two thousands years ago where, as common practice for an old stoic was, to write every morning and every night his reflections of the day he will be facing or the day it has had or any other relevant experience or thought in his life.

I am not sure if Gibbs’ reflective cycle of experience is an attempt of putting a framework to a learning process or trying to copyright what any decent practitioner do and did on a daily basis for millenia. Sarcasm aside, the framework of learning from experience is a good base to articulate in a conscious way a learning process, however I think the process needs to be adapted to the discipline we are learning from as it is not the same writing collaborative academic or to do a photoshoot or dance tango or perform surgery.

«The meditations» of Marcus Aurelius or Seneca’s «Moral letters to Lucilius» are great applied examples of both papers.