Innovation in your context – Week 2

The case of the Mexican OER:

I own a small company that provide contents and services around learning innovation in the Mexican private sector, I and a small group of people we decide how the learning experiences should be made, and we have a fairly good level of freedom in the design of learning experiences, the main limitation is money.

All the approach from the module H817 is the most valuable contribution, the openness the view on resources are all part of articulating innovation with sustainability in mind.

The last 3 years I’ve worked on four online courses for the Health and Safety and Civil Protection Private Industry… The courses were financed by a group of 3 companies which provide consultancy services on health and Safety compliance and training to the Mexican workforce as all tidy up pithing the Mexican rules and regulations…

Courses are ready and available in a custom LMS paid by the same group for over a year and despite the courses are ready to go, the main partner who has the clients to give the courses to their workforce still does not do it, as he feels the experience requires a more “flashy” technology to seduce clients.

Remember this is Mexico, the logic that we are used to in Britain does not apply, reasons for not trying to deploy and test the courses where they already invested 50k are difficult to grasp, certainly does not encourage you, however they still spend money carry on with the idea and developing further courses.

At the moment my innovation approach is making me focus in providing a balanced combination of different OER and Learning tools intertwined with a mixed copyright in the educational content produced.