Big or Small

Find a “niche» and make it big.

In my experience, any idea worth doing is always overwhelmed by the feeling of impossibility, only money or time can help me to get there… This way of thinking of who is worth millions to big companies/institutions is the challenge for a person who works for big players and has big ideas and then wants to do its own way.

Today’s big problem is, as technology develops more people working in collaboration than ever before, Et al is the most quoted author of this decade!, pride is hurting and the torture tool of choice is anonymity.

So we have in one hand, big OERs: Royalty, with reach, glamour, glitter, an even quality (not always)… gather the masses of big players in a movement that empowers education, teaches education, define education in its own view, there is no surprise that we read names like MIT, OU, Harvard, Stanford and its own Coursera… It’s tempting, it’s good, its marketing… It’s free.

It does not provide a voice, it does not harness change, its too focus on finances that forgets the purpose of their function, it’s made for the masses, for the anonymous, for all the Et als of the academic world, its free as long as we let “them” be there. This is simply to prove, if you ask 100 people how many know which university Darwin went? Furthermore It’s impersonal, it’s AI, it’s unequal and strategic.(De Certeau)

On the other hand, small OER belongs to the workers who work for the big, the most anonymous, they have uneven knowledge, they dissent, some has quality others not, empowers knowledge, it dialogue among peers and others, it covers more ground, it’s not only focused in money, has passion for what it teaches, explores to teach things that are not formally taught, or consider cohorts that they did not have a chance to have education and now they are handicapped with the digital literacy.

Small OER has great disadvantages too, is not coherent, its interests are so wide that can’t be homogeneous, its messy and unorganized, it’s loud and yet it’s human, it’s fallible, it’s aesthetically challenged, its underpaid or not paid, it has a variable IQ, its tactical (De Certeau) it does not have an approach.

The hope of a small OER is by chance or ability reach the Uber/Fbk/ status, and grow

There are plenty of examples that I will leave for further posts or even my tma’s if needed.

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